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Are and Your Horse Ready For winter?

Sandie Hardman winter readiness

We've had our second snowfall this morning and it's a race to the finish to get everything done before the "big freeze" comes and snow covers everything. If you are like us you have: shored up the fencing, secured hay for the winter, checked all the waters are good for 20 below, taken off horse shoes, got your horses hooves trimmed, winterize the vehicles, cover up anything that may be damaged over the winter, repair the horse blankets, have all the minerals and supplements you will need for the winter on hand, first aid kit restocked, and we always bring in a huge pile of shavings.

Getting ready for winter is a double edged sword. Sad to see the freedom of good weather go but at the same time long for the quiet snow days that force us to change our lifestyle for a few months. We get ready for winter and at the same time dread the coats, boots, gates, and roads. I live in orchard country and the wine capital of BC. All the orchardists, farmers, wineries etc have been doing their winter preparation for about a month now and there are only a few days left before everything shuts down for winter. By the time we get to this time of year we long for the snow to come so we can officially be out of the fields and into the house. Some people take this time to jump into their R.V. and head for warmer climates.

How ever you get ready for winter, whether you have a horse or not, I hope you are warm, happy and ready for the snow season.


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