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What to Speed Up Recovery Time After An Injury?

Sandie Hardman

It's spring and the animals are sure getting frisky. Including the human variety. I have been out there working on garden preparation and getting a few battle scars to prove it.
The horses are banging themselves up a bit too. Do you have a four legged friend that is strutting around and happy spring is here and taking a bit of bark off in all the excitement? The dogs are happy people are spending more time outside with them too. I love spring and all the things that come to life.

I thought you might want to hear about a product (natural of course) that helps with healing. It’s not a new product – in fact it has been around for a long time. Tea Tree Oil is tried and true and it has great antiseptic qualities. Horse owners have also found a use for tea tree oil as a fly repellent too.

We recently had a colt that really cut his hawk open. The Veterinarian couldn’t stitch so we put on a bandage that helped hold things together and used tea tree oil to help reduce the threat of infection. You can add other oils too and reduce recovery time such as Comfrey, Myrrh, Goldenseal and Aloe Vera. There are several ways to apply tea tree depending on the animal and the injury. Don't use any essential oil full strength as it will be too strong.

1. Add to olive oil and use as a spray. Mix one part of pure tea tree oil with 10 parts of cold pressed oil such as olive, apricot, almond, avocado, etc. If you have comfrey, myrrh, goldenseal and aloe then add a little of these too.

2. Spray or apply to bandage once or twice a day at your discretion.

You can try it as fly repellent while you have the mix ready and available. You can add other items to tea tree to make your own special magic spray to keep those flies flying. Good luck!

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