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Glucosamine Pure

Glucosamine Pure


Nutrition for connective tissue and joint support. GLUCOSAMINE supplementation helps maintain healthy joints and prevents cartilage breakdown. If joint degeneration and inflammation is occurring, this compound is beneficial for stimulating articular synthesis and recuperation. The sulfate form of glucosamine also supplies sulfur, which is one of the body's basic structural minerals.

A 100% natural dietary supplement in sodium free form and completely safe. Positive results for a variety of conditions: breakdown of the synovial fluids; damage to the tissue, ligaments and muscles; inflamed disc and sciatica nerve; inflamed joints; loss of elasticity in the invertebral discs. Glucosamine is not only a builder but also a painkiller. To improve joint function and reduce pain, supplementation is recommended. 

RECOMMENDED SERVING: 2 scoops (10 grams) once or twice daily added to feed (5 cc scoop included)

INGREDIENTS: Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Glucosamine Sulfate. NO FILLERS

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