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Pulmonex (PR Plus)

Pulmonex (PR Plus)


PULMONEX is a supplement program to improve impaired lung function, allergies, increase capillary strength and provide relief from coughing, wheezing and mucopurulent nasal discharge, symptoms of equine COPD (also known as heaves), as well as exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) commonly referred to as "lung bleeding".

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT (95% Proantholyanidin) (5,000 mg per scoop) protects small blood vessels in the lungs from damage to their walls. Helps to stabilize histamine release thereby relieving allergy symptoms. Assists in control of lung bleeding. Grape Seed extract supports the entry of Vitamin C into cells.

BIOFLAVONOIDS RUTIN, HESPERIDIN CATECHINS QUERCETIN (10,000 mg per scoop) enhances the activity of Vitamin C especially with respect to strengthening blood vessel walls and maintaining healthy capillaries. Rutin and Hesperidin in particular, have been reported to aid in the control of exercise induced lung bleeding. Plant Bioflavonoids work synergistically to provide potent anti-oxidant effects to improve performance, endurance and recovery. Stabilizes most cells which contain histamine. It has demonstrated anti-viral capabilities.

VITAMIN C (5,000 mg per scoop) Contributes to wound healing, helps to maintain healthy capillaries and supports the immune system. May also help to control EIPH (lung bleeding).

BEE POLLEN (10,000 mg per scoop) is effective against a wide range of respiratory distress, relieving hay fever, bronchitis and allergies. Bee Pollen reduces the production of hstamine; the substance causing allergic responses. Bee Pollen contains Bioflavonoids, carotenoids, natural plant anti-oxidants including beta-carotene, enzymes and co-enzymes.

NOTE Horses with specific problems such as lung bleeding or heaves, may benefit by feeding additional 10 to 20 grams of Pure Grape Seed Extract and Pure Bioflavonoids.

RECOMMENDED SERVING: Feed 2 scoops (70 grams), twice daily until symptoms improve, then 1 scoop daily (35 grams) for maintenance (60 cc scoop included).

INGREDIENTS: Grape Seed Extract (95% Proantholyanidin), Bioflavonoids (Rutin, Hesperidin, Catechins, Quercetin), Vitamin C, Bee Pollen Pharmaceutical Human Grade. 

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